The future of storytelling is Immersive.

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Versatile. Sustainable. Limitless.

Shutterstock Studios leverages virtual production capabilities, 3D design expertise, and mobile gaming to create immersive brand experiences for clients. Your wildest creative vision can be brought to life with our cost-effective, time efficient, and environmentally sustainable production models.

Endless possibilities. Built to scale.

  • Scale

    Solutions for any stage. Whether your idea is fully developed or you're just getting started, Shutterstock Studios offers scalable creative solutions for any phase of your campaign - from concept to distribution. Create content for multiple deliverables, from multiple locations, without even leaving the studio.

  • Expertise

    A trusted partner. Shutterstock has been a reliable production and business partner to some of the largest brands in the world for the last 20 years. In TurboSquid, we have an in-house 3D design powerhouse with 25 years experience.

  • Talent

    Work with the best. Our global network of in-house talent includes artists, animators, and visual effects designers working at the top of their fields. Shutterstock Studios also works with a deep well of XR stage artists and freelance filmmakers, ready to mobilize tomorrow.

  • Virtual Production

    Creative control. With virtual production and its real-time technology, literally anything is possible. Any set, location, object, even the weather can be manipulated. Virtual production gives creators unprecedented levels of precision and creative freedom to meet their exact creative needs.

    Sustainable production model. Virtual production means no more reshoots or travel, resulting in a much lower carbon footprint than traditional video production. Bring your wildest creative vision to life with greater efficiency and sustainability than ever before.

    Save time and money. What once took 4 to 5 weeks now takes 4 to 5 days. Pre-visualizing in 3D allows us to cover in advance all content needs for a campaign - Social, TVC, Global, etc. Virtual production allows us to produce a huge quantity of assets in an incredibly economical, efficient, and versatile way.

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    Game-ify your content and campaigns. Build immersive worlds that bring your brand IP to life while engaging with key demographics in a tactile way.

    Shutterstock Studios creates mobile games people want to play. Shutterstock Studios is a one-stop shop for engaging games – designed for enjoyment and brand recognition and built at the best price.

    Extend your reach into new and diverse demographics through mobile gaming. Connect with audiences that are traditionally less engaged with conventional media.

  • 3D

    Over 25 years of 3D expertise. Since acquiring TurboSquid, the largest 3D company with the industry's most extensive network of 3D artists, Shutterstock Studios has led 3D production and XR strategy for Fortune 500 companies, agencies, and media and entertainment firms.

    A vast talent network. TurboSquid leverages a global roster of industry leading 3D artists, designers, and technical directors. Passionate 3D experts who make the impossible possible.

    Library and infrastructure. In addition to an expansive 3D library of over 1.2 million models, we design, build, & optimize real-time scenes directly in Unreal Engine to ensure maximum performance.

Trusted by the world’s biggest brands

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